Our roadmap outlines the key milestones and objectives of Alpha Insight: Pioneering the Future of DeFi

Q3 2023

  • Brand building and establishing online presence
  • Creating awareness and community engagement
  • Release of the Alpha Insight bot
  • Conducting a fair launch event
  • Implementing tier 2 marketing strategies
  • Obtaining Coingecko and Marketcap listings

Q4 2023

  • Forging strategic partnerships
  • Executing tier 3 marketing campaigns
  • Limited release of $AI NFTs
  • Major update to the Alpha Insight bot
  • 10,000 wallets collected
  • Securing a top 20 listing on a major exchange
  • Launching the Alpha Insight Signals feature
  • Implementing payment tiers for enhanced user experience

Q1 2024

  • 30,000 wallets collected
  • Releasing the Alpha Insight Dapp for enhanced functionality
  • Achieving a top 10 listing on a major exchange
  • Conducting further testing and implementing new features based on user feedback

Q2 2024

  • To Be Announced (TBA)